Hearing school children visiting barrier-free factory in Oita Prefecture

The children make a corrugated cardboard doll of "Asimo" in the factory.
(photo: http://www.oita-press.co.jp/localNews/2010_128304310274.html)

A group called the "Glaring Mothers Club" in Hinode Town, Oita Prefecture arranged the visit to the factory for their elementary school children to learn about a barrier-free workplace environment on August 23.

The "Honda Sun Sunrise Factory" located in the prefecture, where the employees with disabilities work, produces parts such as meter panels and the plate lamps used for the car. There is no bump for the workers who move easily in the wheelchair, and the Deaf employees are given the direction on the process with the lamp.

About 50 hearing children visited the workplace environment. One of them said, "The workers enjoy their work even though they are disabled. I want to see such a more place in the country".

At the end of the visit, the group of the children made the handcrafted doll of the corrugated cardboard that designed two-legged robot "Asimo", and learned to enjoy making something.

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