Hearing high school students trained as CART staff at national meeting in Saga Prefecture

The hearing students practice on the CART system at the workshop.
(photo: http://www.saga-s.co.jp/news/saga.0.1724755.article.html)

The hearing students from the local high schools will participate in the 5th National Conference on Universal Design as a staff, which will be held in Saga Prefecture on December 21 - 22.

As they will work on the CART system, they are improving the skill by attending the workshop and extracurricular activities.

Four sessions will be held in the conference. Several caption staff will be assigned to each session to provide the accessibility to prospective Deaf/hard of hearing participants.

The workshop on captioning was held on September 11, and the hearing students learned how to use the software for the CART system and how to input a basic conversation.

They have kept practicing on the system while studying the technical terms used in the sessions until the national conference in December.

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