Establishment of hospital for cochlea implant strongly requested in Saga Prefecture

Those concerned with the cochlea implant issues have strongly requested the Saga prefecture administration to establish a hospital or facilities in the prefecture that perform both the cochlea implant operation and the rehabilitation after the operation.

It is only Saga Prefecture in Kyushu, the southern island of Japan, and other three prefectures that have not established any such a hospital according to the "Association of Cochlear Implant Transmitted Audition (ACITA)" .

The prefecture officials say, "To secure the specialist is difficult," etc. while the persons who appeal, "We want to undergo the operation and rehabilitation in a familiar place".

The cochlea was put to practical use in the world during the 1980's. The initial surgery, etc. has been covered by the insurance in Japan since 1994 and then the number of the surgery has been on the increase. Over 5000 people are cochlea implanted in the country according to ACITA.

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