Emergency medical card for Deaf that explains symptom by pointing

Emergency medical card
(photo: http://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/article/chiba/20100906/CK2010090602000055.html)

Urayasu City officials in Chiba Prefecture made an "emergency medical card" for the elder and Deaf persons.

When falling due to sudden illness while going out, a Deaf person points out the sentence and the picture in the card to someone who is ready to help, request for the ambulance and tell the rescue team about the symptom he suffers.

There are sentences such as "Please call an ambulance", "Please contact my family" on the card as well as the body chart and symptoms such as heat, vomiting, etc. to show the other party by indicating it.

The card in the size of the business card which is fold can be kept in the purse, etc. It is free, being distributed at the welfare section in the city hall.

The panel that enlarges the card is available in the ambulance, too. According to the officials, the similar card for a foreigner will be examined in the future.

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