Deaf tavern owner in Tokyo to publish book on his life in October

The book written by Fusao Yoshioka

"No matter Deaf or hearing, all people share the same world."

It is what Fusao Yoshioka, a tavern owner at Shinjuku Ward in Tokyo always says.

He became Deaf at the age of three, and worked as a painting engineer in the auto manufacturer after he graduated from a high school for the deaf.

However, fueled by the wave of restructuring, he retired voluntarily and started to manage the tavern ten years ago.

When the reputation started calling another reputation and the restaurant was getting on the right track, he was hit by a sudden accident.

It was a geniality and love of people who always supported Fusao in the hard wind of a unusual life.

The book titled "Fusao: A Deaf Tavern Owener" (1,365 yen), full with troubles and exciting happenings in his life, is scheduled for the sale on October 8.

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