Deaf leader for World Youth Deaf Camp visiting governor in Saga Prefecture

(above) Yoshida (left) shows the certificate of the World Youth Deaf Camp to the governor Furukawa (center) and Minoru Nakamura, president of the Saga Prefecture Association of the Deaf.

Takashi Yoshida (27), a group leader representing Japan in the World Camp for the Youth Deaf in Venezuela, visited governor Yasushi Furukawa in the city hall on September 10.

From his experience with the camp which 100 people from 25 countries joined, he said, "The Deaf overseas are taking an active part by various occupations. I felt the Japanese Deaf are behind".

Takashi and two Deaf 7th graders from Kumamoto and Niigata prefectures have participated in the camp for a week from August 1. He also served one of the International Sign at meetings.

Takashi explained the program and the activities to governor Furukawa, saying, "The International Sign is quite different from the Japanese Sign Language. I made some gestures when it was not easy to interpret".

The governor introduced himself by sign language and encouraged Takashi, stating "You should work hard as not only a Japanese leader but also a leader in Saga Prefecture in the future".

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