Deaf bar hostess having new-born baby

Rie Saito kisses her beloved baby girl.

Rie Saito (26) was known as a Deaf bar hostess who used to communicate with her guests in writing at the bar in Ginza, Tokyo.

She gave birth to the eldest daughter Ema in Hawaii on June 24.

They returned home from Hawaii in Aomori to attend the publication commemoration event in Aomori Prefecture, her hometown. And they have lived in Tokyo since then.

Rie is happy to be a new mother. It is the most pleasant moment for her when the baby is asleep beside her.

Ema's father is the man with whom Rie had associated before. She felt that father was necessary when thinking of Ema though she has decided to raise as a single mother. "I think that Ema will live with her parents sooner or later. He also is acknowledging it".

Rie is not getting expenses of bringing up Ema, etc. from the man now. She says, "Only he loves me, which is enough for me", and currently lives on her own savings.

Rie is taking leave the Ginza club where she had worked before, which is no different from being unemployed. "I will have to work sooner or later to support my family anyway".

Her first book, "The Hostess Talks In Writing", was a best-seller and its translation version is scheduled for the publication in South Korea.

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