Broadcast captioning decrease due to less production expenditure and time

The Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications announced the broadcast captioning results in fiscal year 2009 on September 13.

They found that the ratio of captioned TV programs by broadcasters, including NHK General broadcasting and five Tokyo commercial stations, was less than that of the last year for the first time since the investigation on the TV program with caption started in 2000.

The captioning ratio of NHK General broadcasting was 47.6%, 1.9% decrease compared with the previous year, and the five Tokyo commercial stations 43.9%, 0.4% less the last year.

More cost and the time are needed to produce the program with caption than the regular program. It is assumed that the production expenditure has reduced due to less the advertising income, and the production schedule has been shortened, so less time to make the program captioned.

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