Vending machines set up to alert the Deaf about disaster in Hyogo Prefecture

The vending machine shows electric caption on the display in a prefecture center in Kobe City.

The Coca Cola West, located in Fukuoka City, and Hyogo Prefecture made the agreement on August 3 to set up the vending machine that alerts the Deaf community on the disaster including the tsunami and the flood damage, a place of nearby shelter, etc., with caption on its display for the first time in the country.

The company is putting 60 vending machines with the alert system in total in the parks, government and municipal offices, and the hospitals, etc. in the prefecture.

They usually display information on the weather forecast and the news transmitted by the electric wave. The prefecture information center for the Deaf, which has sent the text message on emergency to the Deaf cellular phone users, sends the same message to the company when the disaster occurs to be displayed in the vending machine.

Prefecture officials said, "The new alert system for the Deaf would be more effective because they cannot hear the siren and the disaster emergency radio warning. We hope the system will be popular as much as possible".

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