Theatrical company to present 13th performance in Kyoto

The 13th performance, titled "The Two Blue Skies", will be presented in Kyoto City by "Ashita no Kai", a theatrical company, two times at 14:00 and 19:00 on Saturday, August 28, and at 14:00 on Sunday, August 29.

Admission fee: Adult 2,000 yen
(1,000 yen for students between elementary school and high school)

The performance is composed of two different 'one-man shows' for the 15th anniversary of the company since its establishment in Kyoto.

The youth was completely different each other for the both Deaf men. One of them was educated in a democratic way during the post-war time since 1945, while another turned 20 years old in the militarism era of the 1930's.

The performance is based on the true story of what a Deaf man experienced in Hokkaido during the war. The two performers are the ever youngest actors, each telling a story about himself in sign language. It is a new, challenging composition as the play.

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