Sign language musical to take place in Yokohama City

It was the tenth anniversary for the Sign Language Performance Kiirogumi (Yellow Group) a musical company located in Tokyo that focuses on the use of sign language in musical since it had started.

Their wish that more people appreciate the beauty of sign language has extended to the provinces. Performers and staff are selected through the public audition, varied in the age from 5 until 65.

Ruruka Minami (49), a certified interpreter, and other two persons started the musical company in 1989. So far about 40 members in total including the Deaf are involved. The company has performed in various places nationwide, and presented the show in Seoul, South Korea, too.

In the show, the audience can enjoy both the spoken language and sign language at the same time while the actors perform, sing and dance along with sign language.

The company will present a new show titled "The Magic of Happiness" at the center in Yokohama City at 10:30 and 14:00 on August 29.

Twelve persons, aged from 12 to 41, will perform this year after the audition in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture.

The ticket in the advance sale is 2,500 yen, 1,500 yen for elementary school children, and free for 3 years old or younger.

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