Hearing high school student awarded first place in National Sign Language Speech Contest in Tokyo

The 27th National Sign Language Speech Contest for High School Students was held in Tokyo on August 28. Sponsoring was such as the Japanese Federation of the Deaf.

Ayaka Hosokawa, a high school senior from Hokkaido and a member of the sign language club, won the first award in the contest. She is full with pleasure, saying that "It is an honor for all the club members".

The club in Muroran-Sakae High School has participated in the contest in a row since 3 years ago. About 70 students from across the country applied for this contest.

Ayaka passed both the manuscript examination, and the video examination that she made a presentation with spoken and sign languages at the same time. She was one of the ten students selected to the final stage.

Ayaka was given the members' severe advice while practicing, and she repeatedly practiced hand movement. "I have always felt their encouragement and support from a long distance, so I was relaxed enough to make presentation in the final stage".

Ayaka will leave the sign language club after coming back from Tokyo. She says, "I came across sign language, which gave me power to tell my thought. I would like to teach the younger students the skill to sign, and use it to help someone in the future, too".

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