Government agency to investigate appropriate method of alarm unit to help the Deaf

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency under the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications decided to investigate the problem for the spread of the fire-alarm device accessible to Deaf persons on August 5. Over 100 Deaf people will be asked to cooperate.

This investigation will search for the standard of the fire-alarm device and needs in the installation location, and make it help to develop a measure including the fire fighting law revision.

According to the Agency, the method of transmitting fire occurrence information will be asked about what method, such like flash light, the vibration, and the stench, etc is most convenient, and which combination of these methods is more effective, as well as the installation location. Also an effective measure like the subsidy system, etc. for the spread of the alarm device will be asked.

Based on the result of the questionnaire, the Agency will prepare a model room with the alarm unit to test several types of the alarm unit for the Deaf to experience in order to find out the effectiveness of the type of alarm unit. The result of the questionnaire will be reported in December.

There are little alarm units for the Deaf at time of a fire in public facilities, the hotels, and the restaurants; the most used method is no other than the sound, so there is much concerned that the Deaf would be left out when the fire occurs.

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