Deaf university student producing TV program on the job training

Tomoka Nakamura (19), a Deaf-born student, is working on the production of a one-hour-long program titled "Remove the Gap" since August 17 on the job training at the Ishigaki Cable TV station in Okinawa Prefecture.

She majors in international communications at the Department of Humanity and Science in Okinawa University.

The theme of the program, which she is making with the help of the interpreter, is related to the gap between the Deaf and hearing people which should be removed.

She met both the parties and interviewed them, such as "What is it inconvenient for the Deaf?", "How does the hearing people find the person to whom they speak is Deaf?", etc. to show the differences between the parties and promote understanding of each other.

The program under production will be captioned as Nakamura says, "I would be happy if the program sends the message clearly to the viewers".


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Deaf Japan News said...

I don't know how to contact Tomoka Nakamura, but I do know Ayako Imamura, a Deaf woman who is a professional film maker in Japan. Her website in Japanese and some English:

Good luck!!