Deaf high school student has dream to play soccer at Deaflympic Games in future

Shoma Miyata practices hard aiming at playing soccer at the Deaflympic Games some day.

Shoma Miyata, a Deaf-born senior mainstreamed at Itam High School in Hyogo Prefecture, has practiced soccer with the hearing students for extracurricular activities, aiming to be on the National soccer team for the Deaflympic Games.

He was not able to understand the instruction during the game when he was a freshman and told the coach about the leave before summer vacation. He was persuaded by coach Shingo Yamamoto (50), who said "You will live a life to which you would run away from difficulties even if you enter into the workforce".

Shoma, who has played soccer since an elementary school, changed his mind about the leave and threw the sweat with hard practice without a single complaint. The teammates also supported him by the finger spelling and sign language.

Getting over the difficulties on playing with his hearing teammates, Shoma made debut to the official game which was the 3rd place final match at the Hyogo Prefecture High School Soccer Championship held on June 6.

Shoma was surprised about the championship because he never thought that he would play. However, he "played vigorously, thinking to get the point". The team won a sweeping victory though they did not make the high score.

Shoma said, "I am grateful for the people who have supported me. Hereafter, I will keep my ambition strong".

He has been selected as a candidate to the Japanese soccer team at the Deaflympic Games this March.

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