Twitter service used as instant note-taking on web for the Deaf

How the twitter service to provide the Deaf with information is shown.

Currently if textual information is shown in the event site, etc. for the Deaf and hard of hearing, a few caption providers work in cooperation to input audio/vocal information to the computer with special software, which is projected onto the screen.

Naoyuki Mori (29), a company employee and volunteer for the Deaf community in Sizuoka Prefecture, came up with idea that Twitter is used as a means to throw textual information to the Deaf instantaneously, and developed the program to tweet on the computer.

He noticed the mechanism of Twitter that can in real time send the brief message, and installed the program to tweet automatically in the existing software for caption.

The caption provider uses the specified Twitter account for captioning beforehand by using the software.

After the captioning staffs confirm the designed account, they tweet one after another as they hear at an event.

The Deaf user follows the specified Twitter with the cellular phone, etc. There is no need to make a special setting.

Because the twitter does not rely on the distance to tweet to many people simultaneously, it is possible to use the Twitter service like the announcement in the sports event.

Even, with the organizer's permission, the Deaf users use the twitter service sitting on any seat in the lecture meeting, the play, etc. they can get back previous information unlike the screen where the textual information is updated one after another.

It was actually demonstrated at the national convention for note-takers and caption providers held in Hiroshima Prefecture on July 11.

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