Sign language circle holding workshop for new members in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture

Deaf persons told about their life at the workshop held by the Ina sign language circle. (photo:

The sign language circle in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture in the central part of Japan, held an annual workshop for the new members in the village hall on June 27.

The purpose of the workshop was to learn a life story of Deaf persons, deepen understanding about the Deaf community and make the best use of the workshop to their future activity.

About 50 new and regular circle members and members of the Ina Deaf Society in total gathered at the workshop.

Four Deaf persons presented a speech on their hardships in life. One of them told: when he took his sick daughter to the hospital, the doctor did not give him an enough explanation.

Another Deaf man said; as he could make a phone, even if there was something in the emergency, he was not able to report at once.

However, the last Deaf woman concluded: "I feel that I was very lucky because I grow up as a Deaf person. So I want every one to understand the Deaf way of life."

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