Sign language cafe in Kobe City getting popular by word of mouth

Guests are enjoying talking in sign language or tactile communication at the "Sign Language Cafe". (photo:

A coffee house, called the "Sign Language Cafe", opened in July four years ago. It is always crowded with people, both Deaf and hearing; they enjoy talking in sign language and/or writing.

A citizen group in Kobe City, called "Hyogo Deaf Net" has opened the cafe shop on the third Wednesday every month in the shopping street in Nada Ward, Kobe City.

It gets into the news by word of mouth, visited by around 50-60 guests a day from across the country.

About 15 staff who are fluent in sign language are working alternatively.

Opening time: 11:30-20:00
Menu: curried rice (500 yen), cake with drink (500 yen), beer (450 yen), etc.

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