Real-time caption system used for questioning Deaf woman in district court in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

There was a public trial of the lawsuit brought up by a Deaf woman (63), a Kobe City resident, to request the disposal cancellation from the government in the Kobe district court on July 6.

She has appealed that it was unjustified not to be able to get the disability basic pension because the degree of her hearing loss had not been proven at the age of 20.

The real-time caption system was first used to question the woman, who is Deaf since infancy, in the court. Because it is common that interpreting is provided to the Deaf, this case was exceptional.

Her hearing parents had forbidden her to use sign language as they were worried about discrimination, and she doesn't understand sign language well according to the lawyer representing her.

After the public trial, the woman spoke, "Up to today, I have been sad not to understand the communication in the trial, but I was happy that I was able to answer the questioning".

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