Hiroshima City sign language circles explaining devastation caused by the atomic bomb in sign language as part of peace program

Members of the sign language circles explain the stone monument of the devastated town in Peace Memorial Park. (photo: http://www.chugoku-np.co.jp/News/Tn201007250219.html)

The Hiroshima City sign language circle assembly consisted of seven circles visited the atomic bomb memorial cenotaph in Peace Memorial Park on July 24 as a peace study program. Over 100 people including about 20 Deaf persons participated.

While they visited the sculpture of a child by the atomic bomb, the bell of peace, etc., each circle member who has studied these origins, explained in sign language in turn.

Members of the sign language circle called "Minami" performed a skit in front of the stone monument of the devastated town and explained, "The town we are standing here vanished suddenly at once".

Yutaka Yokomichi (66), a member of the sign language circle "Minami" as well as one of the radiation victims, first participated this time. He said, "From now on I will tell about what I saw in the hell when the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima City, my painful memories, etc. in sign language".

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