Hard of hearing manager working for the last summer in high school baseball tournament

Rinako Suto (18) works as the scorer in the bench at the
Tokushima Prefecture High School Baseball Tournament.

Rinako Suto, a high school senior who attends the Tokushima Prefecture Myozai High School, lost hearing in the left ear all of sudden this February. It was diagnosed a sudden deafness caused by the stress.

Rinako can hear with the right ear, but when something is asked by a baseball team member, it is not easy to catch it. She was worried and in the end proposed to leave the baseball club, saying, "The trouble may hung to the team". However, the coach encouraged and told her, "Do your best until the tournament is over this summer. We will be happy to cooperate with you".

Members are willing to tell aloud many times until Rinako gets it and help her with the chore, too. She thinks, "It would be a good chance to continue to the last game", as she became accustomed to the inconvenient way of life. The doctor has told her there would be a possibility of recovering.

This day the team won the first match, and Rinako said to Kohei Kume, a second baseman, "Congratulations!". She has made up her mind to support the team to win through to the National tournament, called "Koshien", scheduled for August.

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