Hard of hearing group holding session on funeral in Wakayama Prefecture

The Wakayama Prefecture Association of the Deafened and Hard of Hearing invited the undertaker to its regular meeting held in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture. About 30 members who attended asked him about cost and a prior preparation for the funeral.

The session was arranged because the majority of the members were old and it would be a good chance for them to ask someone a lot of doubts regarding the funeral.

The questions from the members were as follows.
- Is it necessary to offer the fee to the temple besides the funeral cost?
- Is there any way to make cost cheap?
- Is it possible for me to decide the content of my funeral when alive?

The undertaker advised as follows.
- The amount of the payout to the temple is not certain, and the offering is also different according to the temples.
- You consult in advance and tell the budget to two or more funeral parlors by telephone.
- You leave the content of the funeral in advance in the written form, etc. and then tell the family or a relative.

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