Deaf painter donating oil painting to city office in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Takeshi Yamane (70) , well known as "the Deaf Painter" in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture donated an oil painting that depicted the Tokiwa Park to the city on July 2.

Takeshi was born Deaf, graduated from the school for the Deaf and worked at the signboard shop, etc. in the city. When he was 28 years old, he wanted to make the best use of the technique of paint mixtures and the painting of the signboard, starting the painting shop with his younger brother.

However, his brother and friend who helped manage the shop passed away soon, which forced the shop to be closed at the age of 31. Since then he has worked hard every day at production of the oil paintings since the age .

The donated painting, which took three years to complete, shows the peaceful scene that people in the park enjoy every moment in front of the pelican island. Takeshi says, "I want to make it to help the park advertise that everyone surely cannot miss it".

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