Deaf couple confronted by police search without interpreting in Aichi Prefecture

Note written by the police agent to communicate with the Deaf couple. (photo:

Four agents from the Aichi Prefecture Police suddenly visited the house of the Deaf married couple in Aichi Prefecture this May, and the search warrant of the suspicion of the Stimulants Control Law violation against the husband was presented.

The agents did not bring the sign language interpreter, and searched the house, rejecting the couple's request for interpreting and communicating only by writing for three and a half hours.

The result of husband's urine test was negative, and there was no doubt of the stimulant use.

The Aichi Prefecture Association of the Deaf asked the investigating authority on July 27 for improvement so that they should treat the Deaf equally with hearing persons. They continued to point out, saying when the police's action greatly went off the spirit of the global convention that requests "reasonable accommodation", though there was no illegality in the house search according to the Criminal Procedures Law this time.

The Criminal Procedures Law does not require the police agent to go with the interpreter for the house search.

The lack of an ideal way of the investigation for the Deaf also was pointed out while the lay judge system has started and "reasonable accommodation" for the persons with disability advanced at the public trial.

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