Course for parents with Deaf children to be held in Tokyo

The Bilingual Bicultural Education Center for the Deaf Children (BBED) will hold the course for parents who have the Deaf/hoh young children at Tokyo in July and September.

1st lesson: 7/21 (Wednesday)
Topic: "The structure of ear and hearing"
Lecturer: Dr. Misato Tanaka, Teikyo University professors emeritus
Target: Parents of infants

2nd: 7/26 (Monday)
Topic: "Happy bringing up of a Deaf baby"
Lecturer: Midori Okamoto,
president of the National Association of the Parents with Deaf Children
Target: Parents with infant or baby

3rd: 9/2 (Thursday)
Topic: "How will it happen if the Deaf child is raised in sign language?"
Lecturer: Michiko Hasebe, Vice principal of Meisei Gakuen, a private school for the Deaf
Target: Parents with infant or baby

4th: 9/8 (Wednesday)
Topic: "My experience with the hearing parents who brought me up"
Lecturer: Akiko Ikeda, preschool teacher of Meisei Gakuen
Target: Parents with infant or baby

5th: 9/13 (Monday)
Topic: "Deaf persons who actively participate in society."
Lecturer: Hiroshi Tamon, Deaf lawyer
Target: Parents with infant, baby or young child

6th: 9/22 (Wednesday)
Topic: Meeting one another with parents with Deaf infant/children
Target: Parents with infant or baby

The duration of a lesson will be 10:15-11:45. An application for only one lesson will be accepted.

Registration fee for each lesson:
1000 yen for member
500 yen for non-member

Official website (in Japanese):

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