Yokohama City starts interpreting service for emergency at nighttime

Yokohama City started the interpreting service provided for nighttime in April. They have offered it when the Deaf persons regularly go to the medical institution or are transported by the ambulance car during daytime.

The emergency interpreting service will be available everyday including the weekend from 17:00 through 9:30 next day, and December 29th through January 3rd, the national holidays in Japan.

When the Deaf person is transported to the medical institution by the ambulance car, the command center in the city fire fighting bureau, upon receiving the report, tells the interpreter registered beforehand in each region to go to the institution where the Deaf patient stays.

The Deaf persons usually use a special fax number or the e-mail address for the emergency when living alone or someone in the family is out. They contact the Deaf facility for the interpreter in emergency. However, it is closed at nighttime and the national holidays in the year end.

The request calls for the interpreting service in 2009, including daily life and emergency, has numbered up to about 6000 according to welfare officials in the city hall.

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