Visual instruction cards prepared for Deaf patient during X-ray examination

Deaf patients usually feel uneasiness in communications with the doctor and the radiological technologist as the examination often starts without knowing; the Deaf patient doesn't hear the verbal signals, "Inhale", "Take it ease" and the instruction to change the position of the body.

Michiko Koga, the president of the Saga Prefecture Association of the Hard of Hearing and Deafened in the southern island of Japan, has worked part-time at the Prefecture Hospital in Saga City. She proposed to the medical staff that they should provide an easy clue to the Deaf patient in taking the X-ray examination".

The staff made the A3 size cards for the explanation with the photographs attached to each to show the instructions such as "Please put on the underwear only", "Hold the handrail", etc.

They also decided to tell the patient to inhale fully and stop for a while by tapping on the patient's shoulder once when taking a picture. So neither note taking nor interpreting are necessary.

The staff has worked the card system for one month referring to the guideline published by the Japan Association of Radiological Technologists. They are reminding the Deaf community, "Be relieved when to undergo the X-ray examination. We will be happy to help you when you feel uncomfortable about the communication".

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