Sign language textbook on medicine published

"The textbook on the medicine in sign language "

It is important for the pharmacist to explain to the patient about the medicine and see if he understands how to use it.

The book, titled "The textbook on the medicine in sign language" (B5 size,  162 pages, 2,940 yen), is full of the color pictures by the model on each topic such as a medicine receipt, filling in the form, the measurement and preparation of the medicine, the supervised medicine administration, the patient compliance instruction, accounting, and seeing off at the drugstore.

In the book, how to use the medicine, etc. is explained in sign language in detail. Moreover, general terms in sign language that can be used in the medical institution are introduced in the end of a book. The mechanism of the body including internal organs is shown in the colorful illustration, too.

This book aims to help smooth communication between the Deaf patient and medical professionals at the medical institutions. Also the Deaf pharmacist can use the book as a guide.

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