Sign language circle acting on interpreter dispatch at disaster for Deaf people in Miyazaki City

The sign language circle, "Imokko", confirmed the action plan the action plan of the interpreting volunteer dispatch at the disaster in the regular general meeting.

The sign language circle, called "Imokko" in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture in the southern island of Japan, will start the interpreting volunteer dispatch in a time of the disaster this year to support the Deaf community who easily fail to get necessary information.

Toshinori Inada, the president of the circle of about 100 members, is enthusiastic, "Our project will help the Deaf feel safe".

The move was prompted by the Typhoon No. 14 that had hit the city with the great deal of harm in 2005. The Deaf people neither hear the storm sound nor the siren, and delayed in running away. They also did not understand the spoken information such as the free meal time, etc. in the refuge, always worried.

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