Schools for the Deaf reorganized to meet the needs of children with intellectual disability in Toyama Prefecture

Toyama Prefecture has two schools for the Deaf. One of them, called Toyama School for the Deaf, has changed its name to Toyama Support School for the Deaf this April. At the same time a new class of four students with intellectual disability was set up in the high school unit of the school.

The school lunch time and the classroom cleaning are done unrelated to the type of the disabilities. The table tennis club was renamed to the sports club; a volunteer unit was added to the student-body activities, so that the new students might feel relieved at the school.

It is said that a different vigor tension will have come out up such as an active discussion time in the student general meeting, too.

The parents and guardians of Deaf students had wondered about the possible loss of specialty in Deaf education. Schools officials explained, "We had a two-year preparation to review what the School had to do with the specialty".

The revised School Education Law of 2007 has promoted the school for the Deaf to enroll students with disabilities as the special support school.

Not only less children with visually or hearing impairment, but also more children with intellectual disability who need more schools to meet their educational needs had been pointed out by the Prefecture Education Board.

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