Police stations setting up the signboard to communicate in writing in Yamaguchi Prefecture

The Yamaguchi Prefecture Police began to display the "Ear-mark" sign, which shows the willingness to communicate with hard of hearing persons in writing, in 20 places in total such as all police stations, traffic centers, etc. in the prefecture on June 1 so that hard of hearing persons might consult.

The All Japan League of the Hard of Hearing (AJLHH) says that the attempt might be ever the first in the country to put the sign in the all police stations.

The ear mark sign, designed in Nagoya in 1975, has been used in the administrative bodies and the hospitals, etc. in the whole country.

The prefecture chapter of AJLHH is trying to spread the "Ear mark" sign. The Prefecture government, cab companies and major shops have already adopted it. The chapter has proposed the display of the "Ear mark" sign to the Prefecture Police in July, 2009.

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