National conference for the Deaf being held in Shimane Prefecture

The 58th National Conference for the Deaf is being held on June 2-6, 2010 in the Prefecture Hall in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture. Approximately 2,000 Deaf people and concerned persons gather from across the country.

The Japanese Federation of the Deaf sponsors its local Deaf chapter to carry out the national event in turn every year. It is the first time for the Shimane Deaf chapter to hold the national event.

The works exhibition of the Deaf children of two Schools for the Deaf in the prefecture and the National Deaf Photograph Show and so on opened to the public on June 2.

The sessions on sign language, education, and employment, etc. are to be held on June 5. Moreover, the talk show by the Deaf movie staff, who produced the film on Deaf life, will be opened at that night.

The ceremony will take place in the Prefecture Hall on the final day.

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