Monthly Comic on Deaf couple published

Cartoon based on a story of the Deaf couple

Ken Inoue, a Deaf-born barber, had wanted for more interpreters in his hometown, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. His Deaf wife Mieko who supported him. They both worked hard for the Deaf community for 30 years.

Mieko had suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosi (ALS) preceded five years ago, following the death of Ken's mother a few months later.

A life of the Deaf couple is the theme of the cartoon of a monthly comic, called "The Monthly Comic," June issue, published in May.

The word that the wife left at the gates of death is "Thank you, " which is a part of the title of the cartoon : "Ai a-ri-ga-to-u (Love, thank you).


adreanaline said...

The picture is a little too small. What's the name of the manga?

Deaf Japan News said...

It is called "月刊コミック" (The Monthly Comic), June issue.