"Light of friendship" presented to Deaf and Blind children by hearing students

The hearing student (left) handed the firefly
cage to the children with hearing and
visual impairmentrespectively.
(photo: http://www.oita-press.co.jp/localNews/2010_127692723902.html)

Twenty hearing sixth graders of the Taketa Elementary School in Taketa City, Oita Prefecture visited two facilities for the Deaf and the Blind children in Oita City, the Akebono Academy and the Seimei Academy, respectively on June 19. They presented about 360 fireflies captured in the school .

It was a traditional event that has continued since 1953. This year was the 58the anniversary. Usually the hearing children present the fireflies, which the Deaf and blind children breed them in the facilities. They later return the hatched larvae to Taketa City Hall.

Both the facilities invite senior citizens in local on the night of the same day to enjoy the fireflies flying in darkness.

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