Lecture meeting for certified interpreters to be held in Tokyo in June

A lecture meeting only for hearing persons who are certified interpreters or aim at get certified as an interpreter will be held on June 19, Saturday, 18:30-20:40 at Tokyo. Sponsoring is the Sign Language Support Service Center.

The lecture title:
"Basis of interpreting and practice in the field of mental health: Introduction of an interpretation guideline in the United States and understanding of a mental problem"

The interpreter is often under the stress from the interpreting skills and mentality, and pain comes even from its pressure.

Based on an interpretation guideline in the United States, the "interpreter's problem" is discussed whether it is welfare-like role, including behaviors.

The lecturer, Mr. Kota Takayama, will focus on the mental risk that affects the interpreter, and show the proper picture of being the interpreter.

Takayama is a Deaf certified mental health professional. BA in Human Care from the University of Tsukuba; MA in social work from Gallaudet University. Presently part-time lecturer at a clinical welfare college.

Admission fee: 1,000 yen
Capacity: 40 people

No spoken interpreting provided.

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