Disaster information to appear on vending machines through new system for the Deaf

Hyogo Prefecture has introduced the alert system for the Deaf residents that sends textual information regarding disaster to the vending machines in the prefecture facilities.

There are many vending machines on the streets and in facilities in larger cities in Japan. With the use of the electric wave of the cellular phone, the information on the disaster or daily life are transmitted to the vending machines which is equipped with the textual indicator. The prefecture officials ask each city and private facilities besides the prefecture facilities to install the alert system, too.

At the time of Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake in the past, the Deaf people were totally left alone because the refuge information, etc. did not reach them. The prefecture planned to make the best use of such a lesson, and to offer more accessibility to the vital information for the Deaf community in the prefecture.


justwondering375 said...

I love this! Would it work if the electricity went out (e.g. is there a battery back-up)?

Thank you!

Deaf Japan News said...

Yes, the venting machines are backed up. When in disaster, people are allowed to take any drink out of the machines.

justwondering375 said...

This is a wonderful idea, how widespread will this be?

Will it be all over Tokyo and major cities or only in a few locations?

Who came up with this idea?