Deaf swimmer saying, "The pool is where I always shine"

Kana Imamura (22) , a resident in the Osaka area, is working hard at a strenuous practice for the Deaflympics in Athens scheduled for 2013.

She won the gold medal in the "Deaflympic Games" in Melbourne in 2005, , the first for the Japanese swimming team, and also won two silver medals at the Deaflympic Games in Taipei in 2009.

Kana, who turned out hard of hearing at half a year after she was born, started swimming at the age of five. It was because of her parents, saying "We had wanted her to be courageous, not to be bewildered when going into the workforce in the future".

Kana aims at a gold medal at the next Deaflympic Games, a way she can show her appreciation for the hearty support from her parents, the swimming coach and teammates.

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