Deaf students learning how to make noodles in Hakodate City, Hokkaido

Deaf students enjoy making buckwheat doodles
with the help from the noodle shop owner (right).

There was a cooking event at the Hakodate School for the Deaf where 16 students are enrolled in in Hokkaido, the northern Island of Japan, on June 22. Seven buckwheat noodle shop owners came to teach 8 Deaf children how to make noodles.

The free lesson intended for children has been opened since 2004 by the Hakodate Noodles, Food and Drinking Industry Union (ten shops) as contribution to the local community.

It was the second time since 3 years ago at the School. The children watched the noodle maker working and then were divided into two persons, trying to make buckwheat noodles. The makers guided them together with the gesture. The children were working on the noodles while lipreading the man and sign language by their teacher.

Kana Yokote (14), a 9th grader, said pleasantly that she enjoyed making the noodles though it was not easy. "I want to bring them back home to make my mother happy." Yui Shirakawa (14), a 8th grader, said with a smile, "I made the buckwheat noodles better than 3 years ago."

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