Deaf sports meet organizing committee worried due to lack of funding

A committee member (right) requests the
shop owner (right) for advertisement at an interior
shop through sign language interpreter (center).

The 44th National Sports Meet for the Deaf, sponsored by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, will take place in Tokushima Prefecture on September 16-19, which will be the first time since 39 years ago in the prefecture. The prefecture organizing committee currently suffers from the lack of funding.

About 1500 persons will participate from the whole country in the sports meet. The management expense of about 19 million yen is necessary for the site management in four cities and 13 places and producing the program book, etc. according to the committee.

Among the budget, 13 million yen will be subsided from the municipality and the registration fee. The remainder, six million yen, will be covered by proceeds from sale of advertising expenses and donations from the enterprises, the groups, and the individuals, plus the sale of memorial products.

However, the donations from the enterprises are still in about 2.5 million yen due to the recession. Moreover, the goods sales of T-shirt (2,000 yen) and hand towel (500 yen) has produced only 300,000 yen so far. The management expense of 3.2 million yen together with advertising expenses is needed.

Therefore, committee members keep turning round the enterprises, etc. every day, and requesting the advertisement to the program book. On the other hand, the handbill is distributed to parties concerned to promote purchase of memorial products.

The committee chairman appeals for more help, saying "Cooperation from a lot of people is indispensable to make the national sports meet succeed. We need you to assist by all means."

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