Deaf golfer fighting in good spirit for big game

Yoshitoku Iwazaki shoots dynamic tee shot.

"The Elite Cup 2010 Hyogo Prefecture Opening Golf First Top Amateur Preliminary" took place in the Minaki Golf Country in Japan on June 18.

Fifty-nine golfers participated in the 18 hall strokes play. Yoshitoku Iwazaki (27) who played 73 rounds with 1 over and other golfer passed the preliminary in the top. He will enlist in the Golf Game scheduled for August 3-4 with other 16 golfers 9 over.

Yoshitoku, born Deaf, has gripped the ticket to the contest since 2007. In the bad weather that rained hard and drizzle, he said in writing with a smile, "The shot was so-so". He deprived of 327 yards in the seventh par 5, and succeeded in smacking out 2 on, and got the birdie with satisfaction.

He has kept challenging the pro test while working part-time in the driving range. "It is good to play golf in nature. Still, I want to work hard in the game aiming at the best amateur."

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