Work by Deaf craft man selected at arts contest in Tokyo

A wood carving work, titled "The Rusted Whale" by Sakuzo Tsuchiya (61) was selected for the first time to "The 84th Country Exhibition" held early May in the National New Museum in Minato Ward, Tokyo.

The stick was pierced to the belly of the whale of the length about three meters made with the wooden patches. The shadow of the work shakes when the visitor moves it and the pieces of decoration inside, and reflects with shakes on the white wall in the back as well. This is a novel work in the exhibit hall where the disclaimer with "Don't touch " is shown.

Sakuzo, a born Deaf man, studied the art in the school for the deaf, and had been working for 35 years as a painting master at the company of the cloisonne ware in Tokyo. However, he had to retire early due to the recession. He later learned woodwork for one year in the vocational school and produced wooden chairs, etc. in the loan atelier. He has started the wood carving since two years ago.

Sakuzo said, "I want you to feel the importance of the global environment from the movement of my big whale and small pieces of decoration. I will keep making something related to the nature as the theme in the future".

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