Support hard of hearing lay judge through note taking

The backup lay judge with hearing loss was first elected to the lay judge trial on the rape case that has started on May 18 in the Nara district court.

The district court provided the real-time caption service in court to meet her needs.

According to the Nara district court, she asked for note taking if selected in responding by the questionnaire that they have sent in March.

She responded to the questions from the chief judge, etc through note taking on May 18 morning for the selection procedure, and was finally selected as one of the backup lay judges.

In the public trial, she was able to read the opening statement of the prosecutor and the defense lawyer, etc. through real-time caption system. Also the loop system for the hearing aids was provided to hear the judges' remarks.

There was a trouble that the Kochi district court overlooked the Deaf woman's request for interpreting at the selection procedure beforehand in January.

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