Sign language circle publishes 30th anniversary booklet

Murakami (right) looks at the booklet,
recalling the history of the circle activity
with Tamasato, the circle leader (left).

The sign language circle "Takami" in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture produced a booklet (A4 size 35 pages) on commemoration for the 30 years of activity. They will make 60 copies to distribute to local schools and volunteer groups.

The circle was formed by the students who completed the sign language course held by the city in 1980.

Nowadays 19 members continue to to learn sign language weekly with a Deaf teacher, Tsumoru Murakami (61), and to teach hearing pupils and students sign language in local elementary and junior high schools.

The booklet includes not only memories with Murakami and Deaf people, the past record on the interpreting activity, etc. but also the essays of hearing pupils and students who had participated in the sign language class.

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