Note-takers absent from 13 towns and villages in Iwate Prefecture

The investigation in fiscal year 2006 by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare showed that the communication means which about 340,000 Deaf/hard of hearing persons in Japan use are the sign language (18.9%) and note taking (30.2%).

In Iwate Prefecture, a northern part of Japan, the training and the activities for note takers have not advanced so far. About 170 note takers are registered, and most of them reside in Morioka City, the capitol in the prefecture. And only 30% of them are actually active.

The Iwate Prefecture Information Center for the Visual Impaired and Deaf will start the 5th annual training program for note takers on May 15, commissioned by the prefecture. However, only of 27 people per 40 capacity have applied.

The staff of the Center showed concern, saying, "We hope many more people will be interested in note taking, though it might be a quite job".

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