New book on former principal who defended sign language published

Yoriko Kawabuchi, the author, says
"I was able to be dutiful to my late father".

The new book, titled "Kiyoshi Takahashi and Osaka Municipal School for Deaf and Mute: The educators who defended sign language" (A5 size and 306 pages), introduces the struggle of the former principal Kiyoshi Takahashi (1890-1958). He endeavored in Deaf education in sign language early the 1900's at the school (currently the Osaka Municipal Special Support School for the Deaf).

The author, Yoriko Kawabuchi (86) from Otsu City, Mie Prefecture, is Takahashi's adopted daughter and an active interpreter. She says, "I had wanted to put down his achievements as a prominent educator to commemorate his 120th anniversary birthday".

"Oral training" was a main current in the deaf education in early the 1900's, and sign language was rejected or prohibited. However, Takahashi believed that "Sign language is the mother tongue of the Deaf", objected the instruction on oralism by Minister of Education Hatoyama Ichiro* at that time, and continued the education in sign language.

*He was the grandfather of Yukio Hatoyama, the Prime Minister.

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