Lecture meeting on Deaf communities in developing countries to be held in Tokyo

A group called "Peace Village for Deaf" will held the lecture meeting on Deaf communities in developing countries in Tokyo on Saturday, May 29, 2010, 18:00-20:45.

Peggy Lynn Prosser will lecture (picture).

Born in Indiana in 1963. After she graduated from the Indiana School for the Deaf, she majored in business at Gallaudet University. Moved to Japan in 1991 after graduation. Taught at all the schools for the deaf in Tokyo, Tsukuba University of Technology, the International Christianity University, etc. For two years from 2007, she studied "International Development" at Gallaudet University Graduate School. Currently teaching at Rochester University and Gallaudet University Graduate School. A Deaf interpreter. Good at JSL.

During the lecture, she will sign in JSL with some interpreting. No spoken language interpreting nor note taking.

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