Journalist who has covered Deafblind professor to lecture in Fukui Prefecture

Professor Satoru Fukushima communicates

The lecture meeting that focuses on human rights and living through the life of Dr. Satoru Fukushima, a Deafblind professor of The University of Tokyo will be held in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture on May 29.

The lecturer will be Kumiko Ikui, a reporter for Asahi Shimbun newspaper who has covered Satoru for years. Sponsoring is an advocate group for the human rights of senior citizens.

Satoru became visually impaired at the age of nine, and lost hearing at the age of 18. It was "Finger Braille" to save him from the solitary and fears in the world without sight and the sound.

His mother invented "Finger Braille". Six total of the index finger, the middle finger, and the ring finger of both hands are combined when to communicate with the other party.

Satoru who has been a professor since 2008 is full of humour that overflows. However, he was once diagnosed from the stress as "adjustment disorder", caused by living without sight and sounds.

Kumiko said she has thought what living meant from her journalistic works with Satoru.

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