Friendship of runners with disabilities encouraging each other

Hisashi Nagai (front) is massaged at the treatment clinic

Hisashi Nagai (54), a Deaf man, and Masahito Shinno (53), a man visually impaired, are rivals in Shizuoka Prefecture. Both the men participate in a lot of running meets and have the record with less than three hours for the full length marathon.

Hisashi has the experience of winning the championship in the marathon in all of the 47 prefectures in Japan while Masahito has participated in the Beijing Paralympic Games.

They have known each other for seven years. They first met at the National Sports Meet for Persons with Disability in November, 2003. It was a start when Hisashi had consulted Masahito, who holds a licensed masseur's qualification, about how to improve the tiredness of the feet.

Hisashi receives treatment once a month at Masahito's treatment clinic. When the treatment is over, they exchange information on marathon rallies in various places, a practice method, etc.

Hisashi's goal is to break Masahito's best record faster than him by five minutes in the fifties. He says, "I can work harder to make a good record because we care for each other". Masahito also mentions, "The person with disability tends to become lonely by all means. The rival's existence supports me as the runner".

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