Deaf rugby team training in preparation for international championships

The national Deaf rugby team at training camp

The international Deaf rugby games will be held in August, 2011 in Fiji. Four teams from Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan will compete.

There was a camp training in Shizuoka Prefecture, a mecca for rugby, on May 1-2, which 17 Deaf teammates, from the high school students to adults, came together from across Japan.

With Wataru Murata, a head coach of the national rugby team as a special coach, the team repeatedly practiced skills such as passing, defenses, and tackles.

Because the Deaf teammates gather from various places throughout Japan, they have only one time in a few months for the intensive training.

Also the degree of the hearing loss and the experience with rugby are also varied with each teammate. The training always requires a lot of time in order to communicate smoothly with the use of gestures during the game.

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