Cultural lecture meeting for Deaf to take place in Nagoya City in June

The 7th Nagoya City Cultural Lecture Meeting is scheduled for June 27, Sunday, 2010, 13:30-16:00.

Hirofumi Baba will talk about his experience in Brazil.

Born on March 11, 1976 in Wakayama Prefecture. Graduated from the Wakayama School for the Deaf.

Went to Brazil alone at the age of 20. Had a hard time to get familiar with the local life, having a lonesome life. Gradually meeting new friends. Encountered the road burglars with the gun as many as 12 times in total while staying in nine months.

Took an adventure in the slums in Brazil, living in the third country with the world of darkness, especially the gangsters. And, met various friends, learned Portuguese sign language.

Joined a Deaf soccer team in Osaka Prefecture after returning home. Formally chosen to the Japanese soccer team to play at the Deaflympic Games in Melbourne in 2005.

Later wandered again for interesting photographs in Asia, China, and Nepal.

And then back to Japan, studied for the qualification acquisition. Had various jobs. Currently working on movie production that focuses on sign language as a director.

Has learned three sign languages: Portuguese, Chinese, and ASL. Resides in Osaka City.

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